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Let’s make a promise…

To live our lives most joyfully

Don’t be a part of inequality

Open your heart…

Just a sample of some of the smart lyrics from Switzerland-based singer-songwriter John Lyons. The first song on his new album, Sing Me Another Song gets right into the groove, a bit soulfully, a bit funky and certainly with a cool blues vibe. The album could not be said to be a blues album – it has more a melodic soft rock feel to it – but it has its solid blues moments, on the title track, on Dear James, on The Blues Moved In and on Bluestar Highway.

The rest of the songs are a kind of soulful Americana and, having listened to the album on a few occasions, I can say that it’s definitely a grower – the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate the lyrics and arrangements, and the more enjoyable it becomes. Shot through with cool melodies and borne along by Lyons’ laid-back, but well measured vocals. Not having heard him before, I was reminded of Jackie Greene – his voice has a similar tonal quality and the songs are well-crafted and engaging.

Lyons’ band consists of a international set of talented musicians, including Gabriel Spahni on bass and backing vocals, Simon Britschgi on drums and Matthew Savnik on piano and organ. Lyons has suggested his music is hard to put a label on and might best be characterized as “Soulblues.” That’s probably about right, although there is much more going on in the album that just soul and blues. Aside from the music there is some great storytelling in songs like Blink of an Eye, Dear James and Sing Me Another Song. And Lyons gives us a few more serious things to think about too – “What’s wrong with people today they’re acting so crazy, running for the money,” or “Learn to let it go, Learn to let love show.” And, then, possibly my favourite, from The Blues Moved In – “She stole my guitar, And she ran away with my friend.” Now that really is the blues!

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